Destin Beach Wheelchair

Destin Power Beach Wheelchair

The soft sand of the Emerald Coast can keep physically handicapped or elderly visitors from the beach. That is why Destin Wheels in Destin now offers the Beach Cruiser Destin Power Beach Wheelchair for rent. Move easily through the sand and dunes with no assistance using a Motorized Beach Wheelchair. Great for weddings and beach events!

Wheelchair Specifications:

*300 pounds standard weight capacity
*34.5in wide; 57in long; 230lbs
*Comfortable seat w/ adjustable recline
*Adjustable headrest and footrest
*Hinged armrest for easy access
*Joystick w/ battery power indicator
*On-board charging unit
*Anti-tip wheels with lock and roll modes
*Moves easily through the soft sand of the Emerald Coast
'Unlike other Beach Wheelchairs, the Destin Power Beach Wheelchair does not require a pusher'
Destin power beach wheelchair

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Rental Rates:

*Credit card required for rentals

Power Beach Wheelchair Rentals are no longer available. Click Here to learn about our non-powered beach wheelchairs.

Be sure to check with the Front Desk, Landlord, or Property Manager at your vacation lodging to assure a suitable place for storage and charging of the power beach wheelchair is available. Also check to make sure a working ramp or decline in the sand down to the beach is accessible.

Delivery Charges: