General Questions

How do I reserve a beach wheelchair/cart/from Destin Wheels?

To reserve one of our products give us a call at (850) 424-7863. A $50 deposit is required on all direct reservations. The deposit can be refunded upon cancelation up to 72 hours before the scheduled rental. You can also click the Book Now button.

Can Destin Wheels deliver/pickup rentals before or after store hours?

No, due to stringent scheduling, we no longer have time to accommodate before and after hour deliveries on a regular schedule. In extreme circumstances, we may deliver or pickup outside of normal hours but additional charges may apply.

Can Destin Wheels deliver to a location other than our residence/vacation spot?

Yes, providing the location falls within the delivery area for which the delivery fee was paid. All reservations Require the local address to where you’ll be staying.

Beach wheelchair Questions

Can the De-Bug (Traditional) Beach Wheelchairs go in the water?

Beach wheelchairs can be pushed in very shallow water but the balloon tires will become buoyant and unstable if the chair reaches deeper water or if a wave hits the chair.

Are there public handicap beach accesses in Destin, FL, 30A, Miramar Beach, and Okaloosa Island?

Yes, Please refer to our maps page and look for the handicap symbol.

Can the De-Bug (Traditional) Beach Wheelchairs be pushed on all terrains (incl. grass, dirt, pavement, etc.)?

Yes, the Beach Wheelchair can function as a regular wheelchair when not being used on the beach. But the chair does not function as easily as a normal wheelchair due to its bulky wheels and rear pivoting wheels, so it is not recommended unless being used to transport the user to and from the beach.

Does the De-Bug (Traditional) Beach Wheelchair require a pusher?

Yes, our De-Bug Beach Wheelchairs require a pusher, but we do not offer Powered Beach Wheelchairs for rent.

Does the De-Bug (Traditional) Beach Wheelchair contain a seat belt?

Yes, it contains an adjustable lap belt and chest strap.

The De-Bug Beach Wheelchairs have a weight limit that is below my weight, can I still rent the chair?

The weight limit is put in the place at the convenience of the renter. The chairs can technically hold more than the weight limit but become increasingly harder to push when the weight exceeds the posted limit. We have estimated the weight limits based on weights of prior customers, and their experiences with the chairs.

Can your De-Bug Beach Wheelchairs fit in my car?

Transport of the Beach Wheelchairs may be important if a handicap accessible beach access is not located within walking distance. The De-Bug Beach Wheelchair can fit into most compact and mid-sized vehicles when partly disassembled. If you are unsure please call and speak to a Destin Wheels representative.

Do I have to secure/lock up the Beach Wheelchair when not in use?

Yes, it is recommended that you lock up the wheelchair when not in use. Beach Wheelchairs are actually quite valuable, and though it seems strange, people will steal them if given the chance.

Golf cart Questions

Can I drive the golf carts on the beach?

No, Only authorized vehicles may be driven on the beach. They can be driven on the streets and in the rain.

Do I need a drivers license to operate a Street Legal Golf Cart?

You must be 21 years of age and possess a legal state driver’s license to drive the golf cart on a public road.

Do need insurance for my Street Legal Golf Cart rental?

Yes, Rentals require the Lessee to have a valid automobile insurance policy that covers Rental cars. Please call your Insurance to see if they will cover your rental. If your insurance company does not cover the rental of street legal golf carts for you or any designated driver, you must purchase the optional liability and collision insurance.

Where can I drive my golf cart?

Street Legal Golf Carts have a maximum speed of 25 mph and may be driven on roads with a speed limit of 35 mph or less. You can’t drive down Highway 98 but you can cross Highway 98 at stop lights. Check out our maps page for downloadable maps.

Using the onboard charger, how long does it take to fully charge one of the Electric Carts?

Overnight (Approximately 6-8 hours)